The Ateliers

Hand-picked Upcycling Designers and Eco Artists

The Ateliers are a group of curated Independent Upcycling Designers and Eco Artists that are dedicating their lives to making the most unique and exclusive works of Premium Upcycled Furniture, Upcycled Design and Eco Art. At Offcyclers we take great care in carefully selecting them according to their expertise and the quality of their work. We also make the effort to bring you their personal stories. We visit their workshops, get to know them personally, and offer you a comprehensive insight into their creative and constructive processes. We want you to really know who you are buying from. So we try to be as transparent as possible so you can really know not only who made each piece, but also how and why.

Our mission is to bring you inside the worlds of these upcycling designers so you can become an active part of their work. Their profiles are filled with information about their missions and visions, as well as our personal selection of their work. We invite you to discover the stories of each one of our Ateliers, browse through their profiles, check out the pictures, watch the videos and learn a bit more about the people that are bringing sustainability to a whole new level.