jose antonio andres vera, reclaimed wood sculpture

Jose Antonio Andres Vera: Reclaimed Wood Sculptures

A doctor, a photographer, and an overall artist. Jose Antonio Andres Vera is a self-taught sculptor settled in northern Spain. He is his town’s local doctor. His fascination for wood and its liveliness pushed him to create pieces that exude a texture, a smell, a feeling of warmth and sensuality to create a sensorial integration with the viewer.

Jose Antonio Andres Vera works with reclaimed wood that he collects all over Cantabria, the province in Spain where he lives. The wood he finds is often deteriorated by the climate and has followed a sculptural process created by time and nature, which he enhances with the action of his tools. From railway ties to reclaimed hardwoods, old beams that have been removed for renovations, etc.  Any source is good to convert left-over wood to stunning pieces of art.

His beautiful home-workshop is filled with tools and old artworks he has done in the past. Whether it is a piece of wood of a couple inches to a several-ton log, the dexterity of Jose Antonio with wood has no limitations and volumes seem to appear from the least thought corners.

Jose Antonio Andres Vera has exhibited all over Spain, as well as NYC and countries of Europe. The vastness of his work really shows off the quality of his adaptability to different materials and sizes.

Reclaimed Wood Sculptures by Jose Antonio Andres Vera