Maria Fiter of Crea-re studio, recycled paper lamps

Maria Fiter of Crea-re Studio: Upcycled Lamps made with recycled paper

Maria Fiter is a Polish designer that has lived and worked in Italy and Spain. Currently based in Barcelona (Spain) Maria dedicates her life to creating bespoke paper lamps using only recycled newspapers. Her work is incredibly vivid and original as it presents a whole new spectrum of premium upcycled lighting that uses traditional techniques and methods, such as paper mache.

Maria Fiter finds inspiration in diverse topics. From our universe to poetry or art, anything can serve as the motivation to create upcycled paper lamp collections that are great for interiors. The “Copernicus” collection takes inspiration from the planets of the Solar System.  The structure of the lamps – gray, porous, irregular, dry and cracked – take inspiration on the paintings of the Polish art group Grupa Nowohucka.

The complexity of creating her Upcycled lamps has Maria collaborating with a diverse group of individuals. Restaurants and bars save the old newspapers she then uses. A carpenter lends Maria the tools to create her wooden stands, and a metalworker collaborates with her for the steel foot stands she uses. It is definitely a labor of collaboration between diverse individuals, so if you decide to purchase a piece by Maria Fiter, you should know you’re also helping out a number of artists, artisans and businesses.

Upcycled Paper Lamps by Maria Fiter