rodney allen trice

Rodney Allen Trice: Exclusive Upcycled Furniture

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Rodney Allen Trice is an eclectic creator. An artist, an upcycling designer, and an overall genius when it comes to visualizing the eternal life of preloved items. Reusing any object that he finds around the streets Rodney’s creative mindset always ends up giving birth to evocative pieces of art that serve a purpose.

Known also as “Refitting the Planet”, or “The Other Man’s Treasures,” the other alias’ that he commonly uses for his work, Rodney Allen Trice is determined to create masterpieces of art that have a story to tell. Scouting, collecting and reshaping whatever he finds on his way, Rodney’s creativity and commitment has no limits.

Although Rodney has lived in Brooklyn, NYC for a long time, he recently decided to relocate to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA) where he is now collaborating with a different series of artists and collectives. His work is now reaching a whole new level of creativity that you definitely shouldn’t miss.

Upcycled Furniture by Rodney Allen Trice