New Arrivals: Recycled Paper Lamps by Maria Fiter of Crea-re Studio

Recycled Paper Lamps by Maria Fiter

Today we want to introduce you to our latest addition to the Offcyclers’ family. Although she has been living and working in Spain for the most part of the last 10 years, she is originally from Poland. Maria Fiter is an independent designer that creates fascinating recycled paper lamps and lampshades. Her creations make use of a technique you are surely familiar with: paper maché. That’s right, do you remember that school project in which you had to mix old newspapers with glue, and then you would stick them around a balloon, to create a deformed head you would then paint? Well, that is paper maché. Now, the technique might sound simple, but Maria Fiter has turned it into an art form in which the end results are far from ordinary.

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The beauty is in the difference

Maria’s recycled paper lamps are a tribute to handcrafted sustainability. To make each one of them, the process is quite similar. First, Maria recollects newspapers from local bars and pubs that save her the weekly pile of what would otherwise be paper trash. Once in her studio, she cuts the newspapers into a pot, in which she pours water and boils for around 30 minutes until it all becomes a uniform paste or pulp.  Before mixing it strenuously with glue, the paste has to be drained. The resulting clay-like material is then given shape with the help of her molds.

Her beautiful creations reveal their unique imperfections and rough surfaces. Yet far from seeking to hide them, any asymmetries are cherished as the characteristic traits of every single one of her lamps. This makes all of Maria’s lamps completely unique. They are all handmade one by one in her studio in Barcelona, and no two are ever the same. To learn more about the process and a bit more about her story and vision, visit Maria’s atelier page.

recycled paper lamps by Maria fiter of crea-re studio

Minimalism inspired by nature

The recycled paper lamps of Maria Fiter are unique, as much as they are beautifully elegant too. Her minimalistic designs draw inspiration from many sources, yet nature and its related seem to be a recurring one. Maria creates families of recycled paper lamps that take a similar concept which influences the development of each collection, allowing them to be featured at the same time in one same space or home and creating a uniform look throughout.


The Copernicus Collection

The Copernicus collection, for example, is inspired in our solar system. Lamps like Jupiter, Globe or Eclipse, recall this inspiration with a minimalist approach to round-shaped lamps for ceilings, walls or tables.

The Mizuko Collection

The Mizuko collection, on the other hand, borrows its style from a Japanese name which means ‘daughter of water.’ These lamps evoke the moment a drop of water is falling from a leaf and falling into a pond.

On another note, Maria Fiter is also inspired in ordinary moments or things of life that have shaped her personality as an artist and a designer. Two good examples of this are the Cypisek lamp, which is inspired on the shape of the hat of a famous cartoon of her infancy, or Bellota, a mesmerizing table lamp that borrows the shape of a common acorn.

The creative mastery of Maria Fiter has no limits when it comes to making her recycled paper lamps, or using her signature paper maché technique. So if you would like to see a specific idea of your own given shape by Maria Fiter, you can always request a customized design from her.

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