About Offcyclers

Offcyclers is a highly curated platform that promotes the work of Independent Artisans, Designers and Artists that make unique and exclusive pieces of Sustainable Design & Art. We take great care in only selecting the best, one-of-a-kind pieces that meet our strict criteria in relation to the origin of the materials and the transparency of their constructive processes. We present them to you in the best way possible, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you are purchasing the best sustainable design and art out there directly from the artists and designers themselves. Have more questions? Check below

How Can I Contact Offcyclers?

You can send us an e-mail to info@offcyclers.com, call us directly on our phone number: (+1) 347-305-6260 or send us a direct message through the Contact Us Page. Alternatively, you can also reach out to us through social media, where we will be very happy to help you out with any questions or doubts you might have!

What is Offcyclers really about?

Offcyclers is the convergence of three worlds:

• Design and Arts: In a look into the Design and Arts world we try to find the artists and artisans that are putting forward unique breakthrough creations. The exclusive fine arts, the high quality design and the modern architecture are our main fields of focus.

• Sustainability: The driving force behind our work. We thrive to show the world what sustainability can be. In doing so, we push forward a new understanding of this concept. Sustainability through emotive and iconic creations.

• Bespoke, Innovative, Attractive: To put it in other words, Sexy, Premium and Luxurious.  We are in the constant search for products, art pieces and designs that are innovative not only in their constructive or creative processes, but also in their functionality and applicability to our world. Only the best is let inside.

What does "To Offcycle" mean?
to offcycle

To offcycle is to create, through sustainable methods and techniques, a bespoke piece of Art or Design with premium value that will last and stand in time as a final and definitive creation. In the process the materials used are extracted from their original, or new, life cycle, thus turning it {the cycle} off.

• An Offcycled piece can be the result of upcycling, recycling or reclaiming materials or objects, as well as using other sustainable methods and techniques.

• An Offcycled piece only sees its value increase with time, as would any iconic piece of Art or Premium Design.

• The artists and artisans that create Offcycled pieces are referred to as The Offcyclers.

How can I become an Offcycler?

As a platform for Premium Sustainable Design & Art we take great pride in carefully selecting and curating all the creators and work that we feature in our website. Therefore, each artist and artisan goes through a meticulous screening process in which we carefully study their methods, the materials they use and the ‘freshness’ of their creations.

Want to become an Offcycler? Head over to our “Become an Offcycler” section and tell us your story. You will find a short form that you should fill in. Make sure you tell us as much as you can about yourself and about your work. Don’t forget to send us a link to your work and some pictures.

The selection process is commonly done by our team of art, architecture, design, decoration and sustainability professionals. Once they have reviewed your profile we will let you know if you have been selected to become a part of our exclusive platform.

Can’t find the link? Here it is: How to Become an Offcycler

How can I buy the items that are on display on this website?
how to order from offcyclers

By purchasing a piece from Offcyclers, you will know that you are supporting artists and artisans directly. We take great care in respecting the demands of the creators and therefore each piece responds to the Terms and conditions that each maker sets for their own creations. Each piece is sent to you directly from the workshops of the artists and artisans themselves, some of them are in North America, and some of them are in Europe.

To purchase, browse through our Gallery, once you find the items of your choice add them to your cart, fill in your personal details and finalize the order. You won’t have to pay anything just yet.

Once we have received your order, we will send you a final invoice with the shipping costs and any possible taxes that might have to be added to your order (these depend on where you are). Once you finalize your order by paying the invoice we will proceed with it. Some works are ready to ship immediately, but others are made on demand and therefore take some time to be made. Please check in the Additional Information tab under each item in our gallery for more information.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that if you select different products from different artists or artisans, each individual piece will have different shipping costs added to them, as each piece is sent directly from the workshops of ‘The Offcyclers’ themselves.
i.e. If you order 2 pieces from one same artist, the delivery costs will include both pieces. But if you order 2 pieces from 2 different artists, you will receive 2 different delivery costs, one for each piece, as they each come from different places.  

I am an Architect | I am an Interior Designer | I am a Professional Decorator
Professional Trade Program, Upcycled Furniture for Professionals, Interior Designers looking for Upcycled Furniture

If you are an Interior Designer, a Decorator, or an Architect we’ve got some good news for you. Check out these two options:

1. Are you specialized in sustainability? If the answer is yes, we want to talk to you. We are currently searching for Architects, Interior Designers and Decorators that are specialized in sustainable design and architecture. Send us your profile and if you are selected we will feature you as one of our preferred designers inside our Designer Resource Center.

2. If you are not necessarily specialized in Sustainability but you are a professional of the Decoration and the Interior Design, we would like to invite you to apply to our affiliate program. With this program you will be able to benefit from discounts for you, as well as gaining a percentage from each individual customer that buys a product in our platform through one of your links. Visit our Affiliate Program page to learn more about this possibility.