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© Matt Gahan

Brink Surfboards: Reclaimed Wood Surfboards

Based in San Clemente, California, Donald Brink creates objects of art that can be hung on a wall, although he would prefer them to be under your feet. This South African surfboard shaper creates personalized high-quality surfboards with asymmetrical proportions that adapt to the needs of every surfer.

The prowess of his construction capabilities has gained Brink Surfboards a place as one of the most unprecedented surfboard shapers out there. His asymmetrical shapes are completely different to industry standards. The level of personalization of his boards is beyond comparison.

Brink Surfboards’ new challenge is to create sustainable surfboards using worn-down pallets and other reclaimed wood. Through a process of superb craftsmanship, Brink Surfboards disassembles, cuts, glues together and carefully shapes beautiful and ridable boards to the exact specifications of his customers.

Reclaimed Wood Surfboards by Brink Surfboards