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DePalet: Reclaimed Wood Guitars

DePalet repurposes reclaimed wood to make artisanal reclaimed wood guitars. This Spanish upcycling designer has his workshop in the outskirts of Barcelona, Spain. He only uses discarded transportation pallets. Jose Alejo, the man behind the brand, is a gifted craftsman. All of his instruments are completely artisanal and handmade from start to finish. . By using only American-style pallets, which in Europe are commonly discarded, Jose Alejo reassures his clients that every single of the guitars that come out of his workshop is made with 100% reclaimed wood.

The ‘Sustainable Sound’, as DePalet coins it, is achieved through an elaborate manufacturing process that includes collecting, disassembling and carefully sifting through every single wooden piece. Once the specific pieces of wood have been chosen, the artisanal luthier creates the guitars. Unlike traditional luthiers, Jose has had to adapt the construction process to the wood he had available. All without losing the artisanal approach. The reclaimed wood guitars of DePalet are statement pieces of artisanship, sustainability, and perfection.

Reclaimed Wood Guitars by DePalet