dvelas furniture made with recycled boat sails

DVELAS: Bespoke Upcycled Furniture made with reclaimed Sails

All the way from northern Spain, DVELAS is an initiative for recovering used boat sails and turning them into bespoke pieces of modern upcycled design. After a life navigating on ships around the world, boat sails are generally replaced by new ones, leaving the old rejected ones to be unused and discarded. All despite their fabric still being in excellent conditions for other uses.

Through the observation of sailing and seafaring techniques, this small business has created a bespoke approach to upcycling like we’ve never seen before.Their modern and creative pieces of upcycled design are a revindication of the reusability of a material that is in excellent conditions. And the quality of their finishes is a clear demonstration that much can still be done with materials that are doomed for the landfill. The whole constructive process is about regaining the dignity of a fascinating material.

Apart from making upcycled furniture, this conscious company also makes sets, architectural divisions and any other use that can be done through reusing boat sails.

Upcycled Furniture made from Boat Sales by DVELAS