lucirmas lucia bruni recycled glass decoration

Lucirmas: Upcycled Lamps made from Wine Bottles

Lucia Bruni is an Italian upcycled lamps designer that has been based in Barcelona, Spain for the last 10 years. Working under the name of Lucirmas, which in Spanish means ‘ shine more’, Lucia Bruni creates stunning upcycled lamps using only reused wine bottles.

The contemporary style of Lucia Bruni’s upcycled lamps is inspired by the daily and the normality of life. Lucirmas creates beautiful upcycled lamps that are meant to be a message on how people should relate to their belongings. A way of advocating for a more long-lasting relationship towards the materials we use in our everyday lives.

The elaborate process of making her upcycled lamps, sees Lucia collaborating with a variety of people that help bring her creations to life. Restaurants and bars that collect the bottles. Professional designers that make her ideas possible. Artisans that collaborate by making other parts of the lamps ( like the wood or the copper). And finally Lucia, which serves as a catalyzer.

In her wonderful studio in Barcelona, Lucirmas brings all the small pieces together to create stunning pieces of modern sustainable design through upcycling.

Upcycled Wine Bottle Lamps by Lucirmas