Eco friendly gifts for Father’s Day: what to get him based on his personality

Father’s Day can be a great day to celebrate all that you love about those special men in your life. Whether your father (or husband) is a surfer, a hipster or a workaholic, there are always great ways for you to show him your love. So forget about that boring tie you were going to give him and consider one of these handmade Eco Friendly gifts instead.

Whether it’s AC/DC, Dire Straits or Bruce Springsteen, if your dad (or husband) likes to jam, this eco friendly guitar will become his newest best friend. You can’t say we didn’t warn you.

Made entirely from pallet wood, this acoustic guitar made by DEPALET is a handcrafted masterpiece. Built using traditional luthier techniques, this fully handmade guitar will make your dad feel like he’s the next Eric Clapton.

Every guitar is completely unique and there aren’t two guitars that are the same. You can make it even more unique by personalizing it with an Image, a name, or with in any way that you can think of. Just let us know what you want!

If he’s more into electric guitars, classic guitars, or even bass or ukelele, DEPALET can make them all, so be sure to check out his products in our Shop.

If your special man just can’t have enough when it comes to classic cars, motorbikes or anything that moves, this chair is your best bet!

Made using the chasis of the iconic Italian Scooter, the Vespa Chair is a masterpiece of sustainable design and a genius piece of  memorabilia. You can probably tell how much I would like my own wife to get me one of these right? Exactly.

Available in any color you wish, the Vespa Chair can also be personalized with functional blinker LED’s, chromed armrests and any upholstered design you wish.

Beard or moustache, skinny jeans and sneakers? Yeah, you have a hipster in your house. Don’t panic, the Satchel Bag by Elvis & Kresse is your lifesaver.

This Satchel bag is made from fire hoses that have been decommissioned after a life of service to the London Fire Department. The interior lining is reclaimed parachute silk. This bag fits a 13″ laptop in a padded internal pocket and has enough space for all the gadgets he might have.

The Satchel bag can even be personalized with a short text of your own

If you’re husband (or father) has more salt water than blood in his veins, and you want to find something he will cherish forever, look no further.

The Wooden Surfboard by Brink Surfboards is a handcrafted surfboard made with entirely with reclaimed wood. Carefully hand made by master shaper Donald Brink in San Clemente California, the love and passion put into this board can’t be ignored.

Made only on-demand, and always based on the specifications of each rider, this eco friendly surfboard will become your man’s next favorite thing since you arrived in his life. Promised.

We get it, he’s been working all day and when he gets home he can’t stop working. You probably don’t want him to continue, but it’s time for you to stop having him work on the kitchen table.

The Car Desk by Bel&Bel is an elegant and stylish desk made with the front of an iconic classic car, the SEAT 132. It’s the perfect work station for your husband (or father) when at home.

Don’t like the SEAT 132? Customize it with the car you want, the possibilities are endless and the people at Bel & Bel will make sure you end up with the piece of your dreams.

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