Inspiration: Unused Silo turned into Art through Light

Inspiration: Unused Silo turned into Art through Light

As part of the Inspirations section of our Magazine, and with the excuse that this month is specially themed around Lighting, we wanted to introduce Project Silo 468 by Spanish Light Design company Light Design Collective. The silo turned into art was the winner of a competition that took place in 2011 for a permanent lighting design in the city of Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

The concept of this art piece is based on the prevailing winds that are well known to the residents of the area. The natural light, the wind and the beautiful movement of light on the water were also major principles of this project. The whole structure, which had been abandoned for years, was perforated with 2012 holes, in commemoration of Helsinki being named World Design Capital on the year 2012. The formerly unused silo turned into art is now a public space that sits by the sea facing central Helsinki.

As the creators mention “the lighting signifies the start of a major urban redevelopment for the City of Helsinki. It functions to draw focus to the unknown district and creates a landmark and a marketing device for the City. Maybe most importantly through the use of natural and artificial light, it created a unique civic space for the citizens to use. Furthermore, it set a precedent for a new district for 11000 to become the ‘district of light’.”

The reconversion of such a spot is a significant message about the reuse of abandoned areas, not only for the city of Helsinki, but for other urban areas around the world, because if a silo can be turned into art, what can’t? We would love to see more of this in the future.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this piece of inspiration, and if you’d like more information, visit the website of Lighting Design Collective 

About the Authors.

Lead Design: Lighting Design Collective: Tapio Rosenius, Oscar Martin,
Rodolfo Lozano, Victor Soria, Gorka Cortazar, Reinaldo Alcala, Rodrigo
Client: City of Helsinki planning department, TASKE, Helsinki Energy
Project manager: HKR Executive
Executive Architect: Pöyry Finland Oy
Electrical Engineers: Olof Granlund Oy
Contractor: VRJ Etelä-Suomi Oy

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