Making Sustainability Sexy

Offcyclers let's make sustainability sexy

You’ve probably come to this website wondering what all this is about. And you are completely entitled to ask yourself (and us) that question. So let’s shed some light on what we are all about and give you a peek into our world.

First, a bit of Background

We live in a society in which terms like programmed obsolescence, product life cycle, replacement cycle and limited product lifetime have become too common. We have become so detached from our belongings that we have even created words to make it sound reasonable for us to discard them.

We consume food, we use products, we enjoy art, we live in buildings, we buy stuff, but we seldom ask ourselves what the creation of these things entails, and what happens to them once they’ve been used. Where do they all go?


We know you know this. Every year, humans dump over 2 billion tons of waste, more than 70% of it ends up in landfills around the world. We deplete around 80,000 acres of rainforest a year. In 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean.

Let’s be honest, it’s boring to read all this catastrophic data and, believe us, we won’t lecture you on how to live your life. Let’s just agree that this has to change. No, we don’t have the definitive answer to all the problems in this planet, but just bear with us for a minute.

Making sustainability ‘Sexy’

As consumers, one of the main problems we find online is that whenever we are looking for sustainable stuff, we end up finding tons of ‘green’ websites trying to sell us something that, so they claim, will help us contribute to living in a healthier earth. And in most cases, they’re right! People are making incredible things that will help you create less waste, live healthier and in general make this planet more livable for everybody. But it’s just not sexy.

Nowadays most of the so-called “sustainable” products that we are offered only live off their supposed sustainability. Except for the environmentally friendly aspect, they offer us no added value. Sure, they obviously have a purpose, but they aren’t sexy. Take away the sustainability value and they become just ‘one more thing’ in the huge array of stuff you can purchase and throw away.

Premium design and art have the possibility of making things desirable, attractive, exciting, memorable and most importantly everlasting. That is exactly what we call ‘Sexy’. People need to learn more about what is being made with those traits. What is sustainable and sexy at the same time.

A good example of what we are talking about is Tesla Motors. Tesla Motors doesn’t just make electric vehicles that are more sustainable to our planet than their engine counterparts. Tesla makes amazingly beautiful, incredibly well-finished vehicles that are exclusive, luxurious and modern (oh, and electric too). Their pitch is not being an Electric vehicle company, it’s being a Premium Electric Vehicle company. Tesla Motors is sexy.

So what does Offcyclers propose?

what is offcyclers

Offcyclers is born as the first platform in which to find only Premium Sustainable Design and Art. A space in which you will be able to find creations that are unique, beautiful and stunning, but that on top of that are also sustainable. Not the other way around.

We want to make Sustainable Design and Art sexy. We know who is making it, and we are bringing it all together under one same roof, for you to learn about it too. When visiting Offcyclers you’ll know that you will find only magnificent products and art pieces that are beautiful, unique, attractive, everlasting, but also sustainable. Clear examples of how sustainability is being sexy right here and right now.

What is “Offcycling” and who are the Offcyclers?

to offcycle

We have created a new term that defines a new way of understanding what we do.

Our name comes from “turning the cycle off” – because we believe that the nonsensical cycle of ‘use and throw’ must be ended with products and art pieces that will become undying. Creations that represent the end of the cycle, thus turning it off. Items that don’t have an end and that can be given down from generation to generation. Products and art pieces that tell a second story of the objects they were made from, be it sustainable materials, or reused waste. Always resulting in a final creation of incredible value that will be admired and cherished forever.

The Offcyclers are all those makers, creators and artists that are helping to ‘turn the cycle off’ by making absolutely stunning and unique pieces that will last in time as unprecedented examples of the Design and Art of the beginning of the 21st century.

We believe it’s time to turn the cycle off and to make Sustainable Design & Art sexy once and for all. We invite you to join us in our trip.

Founder of Offcyclers + Overall Sustainable Design geek. When Diego isn't scouting for the most incredible Sustainable Design & Art, he is probably trotting the globe, photographing or filming any story he thinks needs to be told.

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