Mother’s Day Gifts : 5 Sustainable Gifts your Mom will never forget

Mother’s Day Gifts : 5 Sustainable Gifts your Mom will never forget

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and you probably should’ve already got her something. Still don’t have anything? Don’t worry, we’re here to save your back! Today we bring you a personal selection of Offcycled favorites your mother will never forget. Here are our 5 amazing Mother’s Day gifts that will make your Mom love you (even more).

In this time and age you’re mom probably has her own shinny laptop which she normally doesn’t take around just for the sake of not getting it dirty or damaging it. If that’s the case the Fire Hose Laptop Case by Elvis & Kresse is a winner.

Available in Yellow and Red, each laptop case is completely unique as they are made from reclaimed fire hoses. You’re mom is a hero, so what better than to give her something with a heroic past?

On top of that, you can personalize it with your own message of love to your mom, you know she deserves it!

Fire Hose Laptop Case: $125 ( + $20 for personalized message).

Mom’s deserve a break, so what better than to give her the ultimate relaxing excuse. The amazing Génois Cheslon by DVELAS is the perfect solution.

Stylish, comfortable and elegant, this Cheslon is good for outdoors and indoors, and with summer around the corner, she can even use it in the swimming pool!

The Génois Cheslon is available in several designs, and they are all unique as they come from reclaimed boat sails. Don’t want a cheslon? You can also find the normal Génois in different sizes and shapes.

Génois Cheslon: starting at $465 

Mom’s have been illuminating our life since we were born, so here’s the way for you to pay her back. Illuminate her life with the Dama Lamp by Lucirmas.

Made from a recycled 5 liter wine jug, this beautiful lamp has been designed by Australian designer Tom Allen. A beautiful piece of sustainable design and home decor that is perfectly complemented by the beautiful labyrinthine Plumen lightbulb.

Dama Lamp: $500

Is your Mom a wine lover? If she is, this gift is your best bet then.

TheWine Rack by Wood&Barrel  is a stunning piece that holds up to 16 bottles. Made entirely out of a reclaimed wine barrel, it doesn’t get more authentic than this.

Want to make this the ultimate Mother’s Day gift? You might want to add a selection of her favorite wines.

Wine Rack made with reclaimed wine barrel: $469

Do you really want to make a difference this Mother’s Day? Give your mom a hug. We do mean that literally, but if you wan’t to make it even more special, give her this stunning piece of art.

Abrazo (The Hug) by artist Jose Antonio Andres Vera is an incredibly elaborate and significant piece of art made from reclaimed walnut wood. If you look closely, the piece resembles two people hugging, but from a different perspective, the piece shows a person in a dancing pose, shinning on the occasion. An intricate and beautiful piece that will definitely show your mom the love and appreciation you have for her.


Abrazo: $2990

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