New Arrivals: Beer Cap Art by Mike Valle of Recapsart

beer cap art - upcycled bottle cap art

Love beer? You’ll love this!

Have you ever wondered where all those metal bottle caps end up when your beers or drinks of choice are opened? Well, if you’re from our generation you’ve surely played bottle cap games and would always ask for them in the nearest pub, restaurant or bar.  But what does really happen to them now that kids are engulfed by iPads, iPhones and digital games?  They’re converted into art!

Mike Valle - Recapsart - Upcycled Bottle Cap Art

Beer Cap Art

Mike Valle, aka Recapsart, has been collecting bottle caps for over 15 years. Initially attracted to their colors and shapes, he decided to start storing them. But the collection quickly grew and he had to do something with them. And to be honest, what he did will blow your mind.

beer cap art
playing with bottle caps

Pop Art meets Beer Caps

His love for music, and other popular culture icons, moved Mike Valle to start recreating famous portraits of musicians, actors and icons that he had grown up with. But always represented them with his unique style.

The result is a series of mosaics that play with the colors of the beer caps to create shades and outlines. The paint-like creations also create a fun perspective distortion that invites viewers to interact with his pieces. The closer you get, the less you can see. But start walking away, or even squinting in front of the pieces and you will be amazed by the amount of detail that each piece reveals.

Mike Valle - Recapsart - Upcycled Bottle Cap Art

Here’s a selection of Mike Valle’s Beer Cap Art Available now at Offcyclers

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