Bottle Cap Artwork: Jimi Hendrix

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The Jimi Hendrix Bottle Cap Artwork is a modern day replica of one of the most iconic portraits of Jimi Hendrix. The original picture was taken in August of 1967, year of the release of his most important album “Are you Experienced”. The piece creates a perspective distortion. When looked from up close the full portrait becomes undefined and all we can see are geometrically positioned bottle caps. When looked from far away the representation of the popular musician becomes clear.

Mike Valle also creates commissioned portraits on demand. Inquire about your own bottle cap portrait now.

Product made with Upcycled Materials

Product made with Upcycled Materials.

Bottle Cap Artwork of Jimi Hendrix by Mike Valle

There isn’t much we can say of Jimi Hendrix that hasn’t been said already. Probably one of the most influential musicians in history. With only 4 years in the spotlight, he rose to stardom quickly and is still revered as one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

A tribute from artist to artist. The Jimi Hendrix piece of Mike Valle is based upon one of the most famous portraits of the artist. Using 1365 bottle caps, this piece is one of Mike Valle’s biggest creations. This bottle cap artwork is almost 45lbs in weight and measures an astonishing 41”x 45”x 2”.

The portrait is inspired on a picture of Jimi Hendrix in August of 1967, the year of release of his most famous album “Are you Experienced”. Unfortunately Hendrix sadly passed away 3 years later.

For many, Jimi Hendrix is the best guitarist that ever existed, and for all he will always be a musical legend. This piece is an ideal way of paying him tribute in a modern, sustainable and stylish way.

As with all the Bottle cap artworks by Mike Valle, this piece is quite special. Not only is it an even more modern take on pop art and pop culture, but it also creates a perspective distortion that creates a very fun and interesting interaction between the piece and the viewer. The closer you get, the whole picture becomes less clear, but as one steps back, or even squints, the picture becomes even clearer, revealing shadows, lines and factions that are unpercevable from up close.


Centimeters: 104 x 114 x 5 / Inches: 41 x 45 x 2


Kilograms: 20.4 / Pounds: 45


1365 Reclaimed Bottle Caps

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This product can be ready to ship within 48/72 hours


This product does not require assembly of any kind

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