Bottle Cap Mosaic: Guy Fawkes – Anonymous Mask

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The Guy Fawkes bottle cap mosaic is a modern take on the iconic mask that has been popularized by the internet activist group ‘Anonymous’ and by the 2006 movie V of Vendetta . The piece creates a perspective distortion. When looked from up close the full portrait becomes undefined and all we can see are randomly positioned bottle caps. When looked from far away the representation of the popular mask becomes clear. You can even do the trick trying to squint in front of the piece. The effect creates a fascinating interaction between subject and artwork.

Mike Valle also creates commissioned portraits on demand. Inquire about your personalized bottle cap artwork here.


Product made with Upcycled Materials

Product made with Upcycled Materials.

Bottle Cap Mosaic of Guy Fawkes by Mike Valle

This Bottle Cap Mosaic of the Guy Fawkes mask is probably one of the most recognizable symbols of the 21st century.  Popularized by internet activist group Anonymous, and a recurring symbol of street protesters in the 21st century, the popular mask was first seen in the comic V of Vendetta, which was later popularized with the homonymous movie.

Guy Fawkes was an English revolutionary who plotted to kill King James I. The Gunpowder Plot, as it was known, aimed to blow up the House of Lords in London and restore a catholic monarch to the English throne. The conspiracy failed when Guy Fawkes caught with a pile of gunpowder after an anonymous letter prompted the authorities of the plot.

During the 20th Century, the mask of Guy Fawkes was quite popular among kids. The mask was given out to kids during Autumn in preparation for the Guy Fawkes night ( November 5th). The popular day became slowly supplanted by Halloween.

In 1982, the comic V of Vendetta featured a revolutionary vigilante who tried to destroy an authoritarian and futuristic United Kingdom. This defiant rebel wore the famous Guy Fawkes mask. The story of V of Vendetta became increasingly popular in 2006 with the release of the movie ‘V of Vendetta’. 

Being one his early pieces, the Guy Fawkes Bottle Cap Mosaic was done in Mike Valle‘s original method, which involved embedding the bottle caps into grout. This makes the original piece very large (36”x 47”x 2”) and heavy (approximately 60pounds).

This bottle cap mosaic of Mike Valle is a playful game for the eye. Creating a perspective distortion, the artworks invite viewers to interact with them. When getting up close to the bottle cap mosaic, the piece seems distorted and is not easily defined. When looked from far away, or squinting, the image becomes clear. It reveals the high level of detail that the portraits hide. Do the trick, try squinting while looking at this piece and you will see what we mean.

The Guy Fawkes bottle cap mosaic is made using more than 1200 bottle caps from various beer brands that can be found in the United States. After almost 15 years collecting them, Mike Valle’s experimentation has resulted is an astonishing range of bottle cap mosaics that remind us of recycled Pop Art. Inspired by portraits of popular culture that he replicates, his art pieces resonate with a modern generation that is eager to find a new way of making art.


Centimeters: 92 x 120 x 5 / Inches: 36 x 47 x 2


Kilograms: 28 / Pounds: 60


Reclaimed Bottle Caps

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