Broadway Armchair

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An Armchair made with traffic signs collected in the United States. Boris Bally creates innovative and bespoke furniture pieces. The Broadway Chair, a comfortable and sturdy armchair, is an excellent example of Contemporary Design with a modern and attractive urban look that will lighten up any space with some color and character.

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Product made with Upcycled Materials

Product made with Upcycled Materials.

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Broadway Armchair – Chair made with Traffic Signs by Boris Bally

The Broadway Armchair is a chair made with traffic signs. We’ve all seen how reclaimed traffic signs take up the walls of vintage bars or college dorms. But Boris Bally has envisioned another use for these incredibly sturdy and sadly retired traffic signs.

As all of the pieces created by Boris Bally , this chair made with traffic signs comes in different designs, always depending on the upcycled traffic signs that have been used for its construction. An iconic piece of Sustainable Design, the Broadway Armchair is the ultimate and most comfortable traffic sign chair.

You won’t get too many opportunities to have such a singular piece of art in your home. But the best part is that this Chair made with traffic signs is actually functional, and incredibly cozy. Dress up your home, or office, or any space of your choice with a modern and attractive urban look.  We promise you all your invitees will ask you about it.

Creating a chair made with traffic signs is no easy task.Boris Bally takes pride in his labor. He spends days finding the perfect traffic signs all around the United States. After recollecting, selecting, cleaning and cutting the discarded traffic signs, the design process begins.

Inspired in origami, the aluminum traffic signs are carefully molded. As if it were sheets of paper, they are folded and rounded out. Believe it, this might seem as something quite simple, but it’s far from an easy process. Stopping the drawings and graphic designs from breaking away, and thus ending with a blank sheet of bent aluminum has taken Boris Bally years of experimentation.

Once the pieces are molded to their final shape, its time to have them holed out perfectly. Thus the creation of the traffic sign chair begins. The individual pieces are then screwed together. Once the whole piece is set up, and thoroughly checked and tested, its time to unmount it again.

The final steps for creating a chair made with traffic signs start with the rounding-out of the edges. Aluminum traffic signs can be sharp, and you know we would never let you sit on a knife with the shape of a traffic sign chair. After all the edges have been rounded out, the chair is set-up again.

Boris Bally has also come up with an ingenious solution that will protect the floors of your home or office. Reclaimed champagne bottle corks are used as chair leg protectors. Now you will know that your floors are protected in a sustainable and smart way. How much do you like that? We love it!

As you can probably already imagine, creating a chair made with traffic signs is not a labor you can do mechanically. The entire laborious process is handmade from start to finish. Double-, and sometimes Triple-checked you will be sure that if you purchase the Broadway Armchair you are buying a piece of immense quality.

But as with any eccentric creation, the Broadway Armchair is not only a chair made with traffic signs that can be tucked away in a corner of your home. This traffic sign chair is more than just a piece of furniture. It is a piece of Art. Boris Bally, feels extremely comfortable moving between the realms of product design and art.

By making non-precious objects become unique items, this master craftsman brings the hectic urban feel of busy streets into your peaceful home.

The story of Boris Bally is not short of surprises either. This swiss born metalsmith-designer is constantly challenging himself. Turning non-precious materials to art masterpieces is the challenge he is always seeking. He learned to work with metal when he was still in high school. He worked in Switzerland with a renowned goldsmith and now Based off Providence in Rhode Island, Boris Bally continues to create stunning pieces of art that, as in the case of the chair made with traffic signs, are also functional and comfortable.

Due to the nature of these pieces, availability will vary. Please place your order and we will get in contact with you with the availability of each piece.

For special enquiries please Request a Customized Quote.


Centimeters: 99 x 89 x 66 / Inches: 39 x 35" x 26"


Kg: 11 / Pounds: 25


re-used traffic signs, champagne cork feet, steel hardware

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This product requires minimal assembly. Clear instructions provided.

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Since each piece is made by hand, delivery time from ordering may vary from two days to two weeks, depending on the availability of materials and the volume of the order/incoming business at the time. An e-mailed JPG of the actual piece may be requested prior to shipping to insure customer satisfaction. (not available for DOT Coasters)


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The images that appear on this site are accurate representations of the original pieces yet are only to be taken as mere representations of each piece. Each piece is hand made in our Providence, RI (USA) Studio and subject to the materials, look and coloration with blemishes and patinas are embraced and included. These should be considered as great guides for a conceptual build, look, finish and feel.


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