‘Sofa 600’ Car Couch

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The ‘Sofa 600’ is a couch car that is made using the front and back parts of a reclaimed iconic SEAT 600 (the Spanish version of the Italian FIAT 500).  Exclusively built on-demand, this beautiful and elegant piece of sustainable design is the ‘art’ in artisanal. Featuring functional lights and premium upholstery, this highly customizable couch will become the centerpiece of your living room or office. Out with the boring old, in with the exciting vintage.

To order your customized Couch Car with any other car please get in contact with us. 

Product made with Upcycled Materials

Product made with Upcycled Materials.

Custom Made

Custom Made

Car Couch – Upcycled furniture made out of a reclaimed Car by Bel&Bel

The Sofa 600 is a car couch made out of a reclaimed car. The classic SEAT 600, the Spanish version of the emblematic FIAT 500, represented a breakthrough in automotive innovation at its time. Due to its smaller design, it became on of the most popular city cars in European metropolis’ during the decade of the 60’s and well into the 70’s. Its Spanish version, the SEAT 600, became a symbol of status and modernity in the Spain of the time.

This Car couch is built entirely from a reclaimed SEAT 600, resulting in a unique and high quality piece of upcycled furniture. It is built only on-demand and with extremely artisanal methods. It is an extremely exclusive piece of modern design.

The ‘Sofa 600’, integrates different original details  of the SEAT 600, details which gave it a unique character as a car back when it was released in 1957. The headlights (dipped and beam) and the blinkers are original and functional ( connected to a 230V cable). The internal structure is formed by reclaimed steel rods and other metal profiles, also reclaimed. This exclusive upcycled car couch also includes the original emblem of the car, as well as the front hood and the tailgate of the  ‘Seat 600 Model D’, which have been reclaimed and adapted to its new purpose for a unique piece of upcycled furniture.

The upholstery in the ‘Sofa 600’ Car Couch also uses original pieces, genuine only to the SEAT brand. The seat is a re-upholstered original back-seat of a SEAT 124. A combination of the two most legendary models of SEAT in an ideal modern car sofa.

The ‘Sofa 600’ Car Couch is also available with an optional tail-gate finish (view customization options above in the product options). Useful and elegant, the tailgate can become a storing space, and can even be turned into a practical mini-bar (see options). There is no doubt that these extra customization complete and round-out a piece that is already nearly perfect, as is. Also included, is a plug connection that will allow you to connect the ‘Sofa 600’ Car couch to the nearest power outlet so the lights ( and mini-bar in case you decide to include it) work when desired.

The paint job can also be customized by the customer with a metallic or pearl paint effect. You can also include a built-in Audio system with connection to your device of choice. Any other customizations you might need? Let us know and we will do whatever is in our hand to get it done for you!

In their quest to reuse vintage objects that defined an era, Bel&Bel rescue quintessential pieces of 20th century automotive design from scrap yards all around Spain and Europe. The end goal is always to create elegant and bespoke upcycled furniture that is functional, beautiful and decorative. Nonetheless, the magical result of their creations allow them to be considered as ideal examples of contemporary design and art. Sustainable Design at its finest.

From their beautiful and cozy workshop in the outskirts of Barcelona, Bel&Bel bring the automotive world and all its grandeur into your personal spaces for you to enjoy. As you can probably already tell, at Offcyclers we are specially in love with everything that comes from this pair of eccentric artists, which, by fate or destiny, share a common last name. To learn more about Bel&Bel and their awesome array of creations, visit their virtual Atelier space at Offcyclers.

The shipping of this piece requires an extra expenditure for the crate. The crate not only protects this masterpiece from the weather inclemencies, but also from possible damages that could be caused during the delivery. The final package also includes an un-mounting tool, a universal adapter for US connection and, of course, the masterpiece itself: the ‘Sofa 600’ Car Couch.

For further enquiries or to order your customized Car Couch with any other car, please Request a Customized Quote, and we will take it from there to bring you the best piece of Upcycled Furniture you will ever find out there.



Centimeters: 175 x 90 x 110 / Inches 68.89 x 35.43 x 43.30


Kg: 80 / Pounds: 176


Recycled Vintage Car Parts

Time Required

This product requires a minimum of 1 month before delivery


This product does not require assembly of any kind

Maker Terms & Conditions

All Bel&Bel pieces are strictly created on demand. Finishes, extras and customizations are always a choice of the customer.
There is a waiting period for the production of the piece (being more or less extense, depending on the difficulty of the piece and the volume of work at the time of request).

The prices of our products are approximate based on current currency exchange rates. Prices may be subject to import taxes or VAT, depending on the country of delivery. Bel & Bel is not responsible for such charges.

The images that appear on this site are accurate representations of the original product. However, the original colors may vary from the product due to the resolution of your monitor or browser.

We ship worldwide from our studio in Barcelona. Bel&Bel can provide customers a range of ports according to destination. In this case, Bel & Bel will assume the possible contingencies that might occur during transport. We also offer the client the possibility to organize the collection of the piece, in which case the contingencies that might occurr during their transit will be assumed by the customer only. We recommend ensuring the shipments for the declared value of the goods.

Once completed the work Bel&Bel will provide detailed pictures of the finished product via electronic mail to ensure that the work is reviewed by the client to its final acceptance.
Products will not be sent to its destination unless the client has accepted and confirmed the final product. Also the client must have paid in the full price of the piece and the delivery cost.

Bel&Bel aims to maintain a close relationship with its customers and offer solutions to any kind of contingency always with the greatest degree of involvement and professionalism.

Given the unique status of the Bel&Bel products (not standardized) and their parts made on request, there is no possibility of return for dismissal without a justified cause. Returns will only be accepted if any damage has occurred during transportation or if there is some sort of hidden defect on the pieces.
In these cases, the customer must contact Bel&Bel (through Offcyclers) to inform of the damage providing clear photographs of the piece.
Following the reception of such pictures, Bel&Bel will assess the problem and decide the optimal solution. Solutions include the return of the product for repair or the replacement of the affected parts.

All products include a guarantee for damage caused by a defect in material or workmanship of the product. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser. Each warrant is subject to inspection by our staff and the final decision will be made after a thorough examination by our authorized personnel.

Our warranty does not cover, under any circumstances, damages caused due to the misuse or poor maintenance of the product, or damage resulting from an accident.

The payment of the product involves the acceptance of our return policy.


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