Crutch Upcycled Table

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The Crutch Upcycled Table is the perfect example of how an artist can give a material, such as a crutch, a second life of its own, despite it having a tumultuous past. Made using 5 repurposed crutches and reinforced with a steel wire that keeps them together, the simplicity of this piece is reinforced by an elegant round glass top that makes the whole structure visible.

An elegant and strong upcycled table that will definitely attract the attention it deserves.


Product made with Upcycled Materials

Product made with Upcycled Materials.

Crutch Upcycled Table by Rodney Allen Trice

It’s always unbelievable the exciting things that one can find on the streets of NYC. Crutches are a great example. It’s normally an object that people don’t want lying around their homes as it is a clear reminder of negative moments of the past, so they normally all end up in dumpsters.

Being a marvelous scouter like he is, Rodney Allen Trice found the beauty in such an object, and starting collecting them without any clear purpose. After having way too many at his studio, he decided to start working with them. At first, he began trying to put 6 together, trying to find a way of having them fit with each other. The first piece made with these amazing structurally sound objects took many days to figure out, until someone said “Why not only use 5, like a star?” Bingo!

They immediately all started fitting together, and the Crutch Upcycled Table was born. A brilliant creation of upcycled furniture, and overall sustainable design had been born. Just removing one of them made them slide together perfectly. The simplicity of a piece like this is never so simple in the development.

In fact, looking at it from above, the structure looks like a star, and its strength is incredible reliable, after all they were used to support the weight of a person in the past. The Crutch Upcycled Table is reinforced with a steel wire that connects all the crutches together, making it sturdy enough to hold a large piece of glass. The finished result is a beautiful and elegant table that will definitely attract all the attention it deserves. 

The Crutch Upcycled Table is completely unique and there are no two pieces that are the same, made only on demand, the waiting time for a piece like this goes between 4 to 6 weeks. The Top glass can also be customized to the needs of the customer. Just ask us and we will make your dreams come true.


Centimeters: 68.58 x 137.16 diameter / Inches: 27” x 54”diameter


Kilograms: 45.5 / Pounds: 100


Crutches, Glass & Steel Cables

Time Required

This product requires a minimum of 1 month before delivery


This product requires minimal assembly. Clear instructions provided.

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All Rodney Allen Trice pieces are strictly created on demand. Finishes, extras and customizations are always a choice of the customer.

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Once completed the work Rodney Allen Trice will provide detailed pictures of the finished product via electronic mail to ensure that the work is reviewed by the client to its final acceptance.

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Given the unique status of the Rodney Allen Trice products (not standardized) and their parts made on request, there is no possibility of return for dismissal without a justified cause. Returns will only be accepted if any damage has occurred during transportation or if there is some sort of hidden defect on the pieces.

In these cases, the customer must contact Rodney Allen Trice (through Offcyclers) to inform of the damage providing clear photographs of the piece.

Following the reception of such pictures, Rodney Allen Trice will assess the problem and decide the optimal solution. Solutions include the return of the product for repair or the replacement of the affected parts.


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