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Garruchos are the bronze carabiners that are used in some old sail boats to set them in the forestay. After collecting, selecting and recovering these old coupling links, DVELAS ties them into hempen ropes to create a minimalistic hanger that is both beautiful and elegant.
Available in different sizes and with different number of hangers, this evocative piece brings the feeling of sail ships into your home.

Product made with Upcycled Materials

Product made with Upcycled Materials.

Garrucho hanger made from reused boat parts by DVELAS

Made with reused boat parts, Garrucho is an open space hanger. Garruchos are the bronze carabiners that are used in some old sail boats to set them in the forestay. After collecting, selecting and recovering these old coupling links, DVELAS ties them into hempen ropes to create a minimalistic hanger that is both beautiful and elegant.

This evocative piece is available with 7,5,3 or an individual hanger, allowing you to create an open space wardrobe wherever you decide, and bringing the feeling of sail boats into your home.

After leading an intense seafaring life, the carabiners used in the construction of this piece all come from reused boat parts. DVELAS transforms these reused boat parts into luxurious pieces of contemporary design. A statement of how modern design can reutilize materials that were left for scrap, turning them into stunningly creative items without modifying their initial state.


Centimeters: 200cm x 100 / 70 / 40 – ( depending on hanger) / Inches: 78 x 39 / 28 / 15 – (depending on hanger)


Recovered Bronze Carabiners, polyester rope, Brass tube

Time Required

This product requires a minimum of 1 week before delivery


This product requires assembly. Clear instructions provided.

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This policy does not include goods which are not defective, but rather exhibit minor variations typical of handmade products.


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DVELAS give from date of delivery 2-year warrantee, to normal conditions of use and maintenance. During this period DVELAS will repair or replace, at its option, defective merchandise manufactured by DVELAS.

This warranty does not cover labour, freight or other costs or expenses to remove or install any defective, repaired or returned goods subsequent to the initial 2-year warranty period.

This warranty specifically excludes customer’s own material, damage resulting from shipment to storage outside of DVELAS’s premises, or damages resulting from accident, alteration, abuse, misuse, negligence, or imperfections resulting from the passage of time or normal wear and tear. The normal bending down of the cushions has no to be considered as a defect.


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