Transit Traffic Sign Chair

$ 1,290.00

By Boris Bally

The Transit Traffic Sign Chair is the most iconic masterpiece of Boris Bally. This tall back-rest chair is perfect for dining settings. Are you looking for a legendary piece of Upcycled Furniture for your home or office? Look no further, you can be sure to know that you will be buying not only a stunning piece of art, but a high quality piece of furniture that will enliven any space.


Transit Traffic Sign Chair – chair made out of traffic signs by Boris Bally

The Transit Traffic Sign Chair is a chair made with traffic signs. Everybody is familiar with discarded traffic signs ending up on the walls of vintage- styled bars or in the bedroom of a college student. Well,Boris Bally has another purpose for them. You can call it art or you can call it furniture, but in any case the Transit traffic sign chair will always be a masterpiece. A legendary piece of Upcycled Furniture and functional art.

As is common in Boris Bally‘s work, the traffic signs used in the construction of the transit traffic sign chair always depend on the discarded traffic signs that Boris finds throughout the United States. The process is long and elaborate and entails recollecting, selecting, cleaning and adapting old traffic signs to be able to create such a distinct piece of upcycled furniture.

Bringing the urban look into your home with such style and great product design is no easy task, and Boris Bally takes great pride in his work. Inspired in the folding techniques of Origami, each aluminum traffic sign has to be carefully molded. The edges, which are normally quite sharp, are rounded out to make sure that the piece is safe and comfortable. Although it might seem as an easy process, maintaining the drawings and graphics on each traffic sign is an arduous process that Boris Bally has perfected over the years.

When the pieces are molded to the desired shape, the creation of the traffic sign chair begins. Each individual piece is holed out and screwed together. The heavy testing and checking that each piece goes through is also nothing simple. Each creation is meticulously triple checked to ensure that there are no sharp edges, and that the whole structure is sturdy and comfortable.

To protect the floors, Boris Bally has come up with an awesome idea. By reusing old champagne corks, that are adapted to an aluminum cilinder and attached to the bottom of the legs, the piece becomes safe for your floors. And it gives it an extra of stability too.

Following the mantra of Boris Bally, all pieces are humanufactured™, that is, manufactured by a human, or handmade. Carefully handcrafted chairs made out of traffic signs. You can be sure to know that you will be buying not only a stunning piece of art, but a high quality piece of furniture that will enliven any space. Beware, it might become the center of attention of your whole home.

Turning non-precious materials into unique objects is what Boris Bally is all about. But on top of that, all of his final creations are of immense quality and durability, as well as extremely attractive. Boris Bally was born in Switzerland, son of an industrial designer and an artist, he is the perfect personification of the mix between both worlds. He initially began working with metal when he was still in High school, and perfected his skills working with a renowned goldsmith in Switzerland. Nowadays Boris Bally lives in Rhode Island, and from his incredible studio he comes up with the most eccentric and useful pieces we have seen in a while.

Because of the nature of these pieces, and the fact that all the chairs are made with traffic signs, availability will vary. Please place your order and we will get in contact with you with the availability of each piece.

For special enquiries please Request a Customized Quote.


Centimeters: 125.73 x 43.18 x 55.88 / Inches: 49" 1/2 x 17" x 22"


re-used traffic signs, champagne cork feet, steel hardware

Time Required

This product can be ready to ship within 24/48 hours


This product requires minimal assembly. Clear instructions provided.

Maker's Terms & Conditions


Since each piece is made by hand, delivery time from ordering may vary from two days to two weeks, depending on the availability of materials and the volume of the order/incoming business at the time. An e-mailed JPG of the actual piece may be requested prior to shipping to insure customer satisfaction. (not available for DOT Coasters)


International shipping will be quoted on an individual basis. All shipments will be shipped insured but Bally Humanufactured, LLC is not liable for loss, theft or damages during shipment. Prices may be subject to Local Tax of VAT, depending on the country of delivery. Bally Humanufactured, LLC is not responsible for these charges.


The images that appear on this site are accurate representations of the original pieces yet are only to be taken as mere representations of each piece. Each piece is hand made in our Providence, RI (USA) Studio and subject to the materials, look and coloration with blemishes and patinas are embraced and included. These should be considered as great guides for a conceptual build, look, finish and feel.


Full product refund, minus a 10% restocking fee and excluding any shipping costs, upon receipt of returned item(s) -in satisfactory condition and within two weeks- if not completely satisfied.


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