Pallet Wood Ukelele

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A charming Ukelele made with reclaimed wood, the Ukelele by DePalet brings new scope of sustainable design into this internationalized Hawaiian instrument.

Strings: J-54 Tenor Nylon

Highly customizable, DePalet offers the possibility of creating your own personalized instrument, for further enquiries, amplification features and other customizations please Request a Customized Quote.


Custom Made

Custom Made

Product made with Upcycled Materials

Product made with Upcycled Materials

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Ukelele made with Reclaimed Wood by DePalet

A charming Ukelele made with reclaimed wood, the Ukelele by DePalet brings new scope of sustainable design into this internationalized Hawaiian instrument.

Strings: J-54 Tenor Nylon

Using only reclaimed wood from useless transportation pallets recovered around the area of Barcelona, Jose Alejo, the master craftsman of DePalet, creates beautiful natural instruments that have a story to tell.  With an alluring sustainable sound, or the ‘ecologic register’ as DePalet coins it, the creations of this artisanal luthier are a unique statement of environmental sustainability and modern design.

Highly customizable, DePalet offers the possibility of creating your own personalized instrument, for further enquiries, amplification features and other customizations please Request a Customized Quote.


Centimeters: 66 x 24 x 10,5 / Inches: 25.98 x 9.44 x 4.13


Kilograms: 1 / Pounds: 2.20


Reclaimed Wood

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This product requires a minimum of 1 month before delivery


This product does not require assembly of any kind, this-product-requires-a-minimum-of-1-month-before-delivery

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The pieces created by DEPALET are unique and exclusive, they have been fully built upon order, and can be personalized to the needs of every customer.

There is a period of construction that will inevitably determine the delivery time of our products. This period, by default, will be established at least to 4 weeks, which in any case could be extended depending on the type of personalizations required by each customer. Once the invoice quote of the order has been delivered, the customer will be duly informed of the necessary time necessary for the construction of the instrument ordered.

The descriptions of our products exhibited in are created in base to the information delivered by DePalet. Nonetheless, the information of each product, as well as the photographies, videos, names, brands or any explanatory material related to our products is given as an orientation for our customers.


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All final quantities ( Price of product and Price of delivery) will be submitted to the customer upon request of a quote and will be final, not modifiable before or after the delivery of the piece, if accepted by the customer.


Once the order has been confirmed and the Terms & Conditions accepted during the payment process, DEPALET will get in contact with the customer to confirm the order and the details of this one.


DEPALET will accept cancellations of all orders, if and only if, they are done within a period of ten (10) natural days, after the confirmation of the order. To cancel any order please get in contact with the Offcyclers help team at and please CC Depalet at


1. Delivery of products.

DEPALET agrees to deliver the product in perfect condition to the address that the client decides upon order. With the aim of optimizing the delivery, we ask the customer to provide an address where the product can be delivered during normal working hours. DEPALET will not be responsible for the mistakes caused during the delivery of given products under any circumstance.

2. Delivery times

Deliveries are done through a chosen Delivery carrier company. Order deliveries will depend on the region of the customer and will be duly informed before payment. In average, all DEPALET orders are to be delivered within 10 working days starting from the calculated time of completion of the instrument. Nonetheless these times are estimated and might be changed depending of logistic reasons of various kinds. In any case, DEPALET will inform the customer upon notice of such given reasons.

Every delivery will be considered done as soon as the chosen Delivery Carrier company has delivered the product to the customer, which will be materialized through the internal system of given Delivery Carrier company.

Once the order has left our installations, the customer will be duly informed through e-mail.

3. Delivery address, Deliveries not received and/or Loss of Product

If during the moment of delivery the customer is not present, the Delivery company will leave a note to establish a new delivery time. DEPALET hires, as a way of improving the delivery system, a series of following actions that will ensure the delivery of the product If after 7 days of the date of not being able to deliver the product, the customer should get in contact with DEPALET. In case this doesn’t happen, after 10 days the merchandise will be returned to our installations and the customer will be charged the costs of delivery and return of the merchandise as well as all charges applicable.

If the reason for non-delivery is the loss of the merchandise, our Messenger Carrier Company will initiate an investigation. In these cases the times of response are between one and three weeks.


The customer shall revise the state of the package upon recievement and before signing the receipt of the package. If the package were broken, dented or had any type of problem, we advise the customer to note it in the receipt. If, once opening the package, the customer notes that the product is broken, is defective, or has any problem that may have arised from the shipping and delivery of the product, the customer abides to communicate it to DEPALET and OFFCYCLERS via e-mail within 24 hours of receiving the merchandise. After that period of 24 hours, we will not be able to attend any incidence of that type.


1. Procedure of return.

All products bought to DEPALET can be returned and reimbursed if and only if the customer lets DEPALET know of their intention of returning the product bought within a period of maximum 14 working days upon receiving the product and only if the following conditions have been met.

DEPALET will only accept returns that abide by the following rules:.

1. The product must be in perfect shape, the same as when it was delivered and should be packed in the same packaging, with the original seals and stickers.

2. The delivery must be done using the same box that the product came in. In case this is not possible the customer shall package the product in a protective case to ensure the product reaches the workshop of DEPALET in the best shape possible.

3. The package must include a copy of the delivery slip ( ticket) that shall be packed inside the box, and should clearly state the name of the products returned and the reason of return.

With the aim of enabling the return process to our customers, DEPALET must decide and accept the procedure of return. If the reason of return is for a motive for which DEPALET is responsible ( defect, wrong order, etc) the full amount of the cost of the return will be reimbursed. If the reason for return is different ( product is not of your satisfaction) the costs of the return will be bared by the client.

To proceed with a return, please follow the following steps:

1. Inform us in the following 7 natural days from the reception. This information shall be sent and

2. DEPALET will inform the client of the address to which the merchandise shall be returned.

3. The customer shall decide, upon acceptance, of the Messenger carrier company that will proceed with the return, and shall pay the cost of delivery in advance.

4. Inform DEPALET and Offcyclers of the Company used, the date and the time of return.

2. Reimbursement of Returned products.

The reimbursement of the products will be equal to the price of the piece, minus the delivery costs. DEPALET will reimburse the customer the total amount of the product in case this one is defective or incorrect, as well as the delivery costs in case this happened.

Partial returns will proceed with partial reimbursements, please refer to the point before for more information or get in contact with for any requests.


All of the products of DEPALET include a warranty for any damages caused in direct relation to a problem with the material or the hand-crafted process. This warranty is only applicable to the original buyer of the product.

Each warranty is subject to inspection by our personnel, we will communicate the final decision after a thorough analysis.

All our products have a limited warranty of 3 years. During which period we accept to repair to substitute any of our instruments in the case that the damages are a result of a defect in our construction or materials.

Damages caused by an inadequate use of the instrument, or the exposure of the instrument to extreme climatic or temperature changes, as well as humidity, are not covered by this warranty. The proper care of an instrument is the responsibility of its owner. Ask us for a guide on how to treat and care for your instrument.

The parts that suffer a wearing off, during the use of the instrument, are not included in this warranty, this includes strings, bones, pins, frets, equalization systems, pickups, etc. This warranty is not applicable to cases or bags in which the guitars can be stored.

This warranty will lose its validity in case of defects, usage damage, or any type of damage cause by external causes i.e. accidents, electricity accidents, wearing off, installation, or any use that does not conform to the instructions of the builder.


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