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The Eclipse Wall Lamp is an elegant and stylish wall lamp made from 100% recycled paper. The name of this lamp is inspired in the natural phenomenon. Much like a real eclipse, when the light of this spectacular lamp is turned on, it creates a circular ray of light that expands throughout the wall. Yet when turned off it becomes an intriguing element of design that seems to be floating on the wall. It is an incredibly creative and elegant piece of sustainable design that will light up your spaces with a modern and stylish look.  Each Lamp is completely unique and no two are identical, ever.


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Product made with Recycled Materials

Product made with Recycled Materials

Eclipse Wall Lamps made with recycled paper by Maria Fiter

The Eclipse Wall Lamps are a set of paper maché lamps that draw inspiration from a solar eclipse. When the lamp is turned on, the light emphasizes the round shape of the lamp. Very much like a real eclipse, it creates a round ray of light around it. When turned off, the Eclipse Wall Lamps look like an intriguing element of interior design as they seem to float in the air thanks to the hidden structure that attaches the lamps to the wall.

The Eclipse Wall Lamps are part of the “Copernicus” collection by Maria Fiter, which draws inspiration in our solar system and the phenomena that happen in it.  It is a very stylish lamp that will bring a touch of modern and sustainable design to your home.

The process of creating the Eclipse Wall Lamps makes use of a technique known as papier maché. Maria Fiter recycles old newspapers and turns them into paper pulp. The pulp is then mixed with glue. Because of the characteristics of this process, the resulting mix can be molded and shaped at her will. In this case, the viscous material has been given a round shape, characteristic of the “Copernicus” collection.

The lamp is then colored on the outside, attached to the structure that enables it to hang from the wall, and has a colored cord added to it, making it look even like a floating balloon on the wall.

So where can I put the Eclipse Wall Lamps? 

Because it’s wall lamps we’re talking about here, the Eclipse can fit perfectly anywhere in your home or office. From big spacious rooms with empty walls to smaller homes in which every inch has to be well thought of, this lamp is perfect for anyone looking to add a modern-looking lamp to their spaces.

How can I clean the Eclipse Wall Lamps?

To clean the Eclipse Wall Lamps you can use a dry  cloth or you can vacuum clean it with the machine set at the lowest power.

What Lightbulb should I use with the Eclipse Wall Lamps?

You have to keep in mind that this is a Paper lamp shade, and although it is very strong and resistant to physical force we do recommend using only LED light bulbs as they don’t create heat and can’t burn through the paper.Plus, it’s also a more eco-friendly choice for our planet, and a money-saver for your electricity bill. The maximum lightbulb Wattage recommended for this lamp is 20W. The lightbulb is not included.

All the Eclipse Wall Lamps are completely handmade using recycled paper. Each one is completely unique and there are no two identical ones.


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