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Simple lumber, hand shaped to create a masterpiece dream surfboard. This Wooden Surfboard is made with reclaimed wood. Every single piece is uniquely handcrafted to the specifications of each client and their riding style.

To order your custom surfboard please get in contact with us. 

Product made with Upcycled Materials

Product made with Upcycled Materials.

Custom Made

Custom Made

Wooden Surfboard made with reclaimed wood by Brink Surfboards

Brink’s Wooden Surfboard made with reclaimed wood is a statement of artistic sustainability and modern design, and the best part of it: it rides!

It’s no secret that the surfing industry needs a bit of a shake up. The amount of toxics used in normal surfboard manufacturing is somewhat contradictory with the mantra of respect the ocean that most surfers profess. The industry knows it, and deep down inside, every surfer does too. Shaper Donald Brink of Brink Surfboards has come up with an ingenious way of trying to solve the problem, one board at a time.

Adapting traditional methods of  surfboard construction, Brink Surfboards reclaims wood in the area of San Clemente, California. This precious material is then cleaned out, stuck together and thinned down. The result, a wooden surfboard that could be hung on the walls of your home or office. Nonetheless, Donald Brink prefers to see them being ridden, and they are made to be so.

The end result is a fully functional, sustainable wooden surfboard made with reclaimed wood that redefines the classic surfboard in a bright manner. See it to believe it.

The Wooden Surfboard follows the general philosophy of Brink Surfboards: that each rider needs a different board adapted to their style and level. That is why the Wooden surfboard is completely customizable, in fact, if you decide to purchase a customized wooden surfboard of Brink Surfboards we will most likely ask you A LOT of different questions. But don’t worry, it’s nothing personal, we just want to get you the perfect board for your enjoyment.

Donald Brink is a South African surfboard shaper based in California that creates personalized surfboards and floating artifacts that adapt to the needs of his customers, from asymmetrical shapes to new materials, everything is possible when creating boards that feature modern hydrodynamics and functional forms.

To order your custom wooden surfboard please get in contact with us.


Reclaimed Wood

Time Required

This product requires a minimum of 1 month before delivery


This product does not require assembly of any kind

Maker Terms & Conditions

All Brink Surf pieces are strictly created on demand. Finishes, extras and customizations are considered and can be included if suitable to the cohesive art piece and functional construction.
There is a waiting period for the production of the piece (being more or less extense, depending on the difficulty of the piece and the volume of work at the time of request, and availability of desired or soured off-cycled materials for the best execution the desired vision).

The prices of our products are base values in $ (USD) Additional costs for extras and cohesive included requests will apply . Prices may be subject to import taxes or VAT, depending on the country of delivery. Brink Surf is not responsible for such charges.

The images that appear on this site are accurate representations of the original pieces. Each piece is however hand made and subject to the materials look and coloration with natural characters embraced and included. These should be considered as great guides for a conceptual builds look finish and feel. 

Shipping will be rough calculated for quoting purposes and finalized with accurate weight of finished packed piece. Shipping might be processed through Groundswellsupply and be calculated on safest most affordable options to the country in question. Local pickup can be arranges (Local sales Tax will apply South Orange County CA USA) Brink Surf is not liable for damages due to shipping. 

All pieces are executed with the highest attention to detail and with dedicated craftsmanship by me (Donald Brink), Sales are final no returns. We know you will be satisfied and enjoy working hard to ensure so. 


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