Inspirations: Roman and Williams

Inspirations: Roman and Williams

Every day we come across hundreds of pieces of information. Most of them just pass in front of our eyes without much impact. Others really stick. They represent our belief of how things should be done. Today we want to introduce you to a new section of our Magazine, in which we share with you those meaningful pieces of information we come across on our day-to-day. This inspiration board isn’t strictly related to our work, our artists, or let alone sustainability ( although there will be pieces related to sustainability). think of it more as a place in which we share with you things we love!

The Inspiration section of our Magazine is here to bring you closer to who we are as people, to what our urges and needs are, and what we’d like to see more of!

To kick-off this new section we want to present you this video we recently found ( although it’s already 7 years old), of an enchanting architecture studio called Roman and Williams. Roman and Williams are focused on people and their experiences of space. The co-directors named the firm after their grandfathers.

After doing Hollywood sets, they were commissioned to design a home in Los Angele. Since then, they have continued to design beautiful spaces in which the harmony of textures and the essence of the interactions are the driving force.

“We are known for our contradictions and our use of layers and eclecticism. We take a traditional foundation and then rebel against it with lively irreverence. We design unselfconsciously, and our secret is to focus on things we love. We never allow ourselves to be limited by what we did last and search for the neglected and the unused. Our wish is to stimulate our spaces, raise their temperature, and to create voltage in the environment and use them to inspire.”

Something we love about Roman and Williams is how they still draft their spaces by hand, infusing a certain type of romanticism and artistic touch into their designs which really comes through in the real-life creations.

Among others, Roman and Williams have designed the Residence of Gwyneth Paltrow, The Ace Hotel NY, The Standard Highline Hotel and the Le CouCou restaurant in NYC.

If you’d like more information on Roman and Williams go ahead and visit their website.

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