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It’s normally difficult to deeply understand how a project has come to life. As consumers or admirers we are normally unaware of the long hours that were put into each concept. The difficulties of the constructive process, or the arduous rehabilitation that has gone into each product before it has been finished are things that are very difficult to grasp at first sight. But today is our lucky day. Bel&Bel, the creators of iconic pieces like the Car Couch or the Spider Chair  have shared with us the process of making their masterpiece, the Vespa Chair. The scooter chairs that are revolutionizing the sustainable design world.

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So how were the first Scooter Chairs made?

Around the year 2007, Bel&Bel were already making decorative pieces with remnants of scrapyards. As Vespa® lovers, they had also done a couple of works remodeling old scooters and bringing them back to their original glory.

When they received a full chasis of a Vespa® scooter, they knew what they had to do. Their solution to rescuing a scooter that was impossible to restore was to create a swivel chair that would maintain the notoriety and recognizability of the famous scooter.

scooter chairs, vespa chair, scooter chair, offcyclers, bel&bel

What are the steps to making the scooter chairs?

The most iconic part of the scooter chairs.

The first step when conceptualizing the scooter chairs was to liberate the front chasis ( probably the most iconic part of the scooter) from the rest of the bike. The flattened front has been a recurring symbol of the Vespa. Bel&Bel decided this was the part they had to work around to create their iconic Vespa Chair.

From front, to back

Using the front part of the chasis of the Vespa®, meant reconceptualizing the whole piece. The Scooter Chairs would use the front part of the iconic scooter as the back-rest. This would give the whole piece its memorable look while making it comfortable and useful.

To use the front part of the scooter meant reconditioning the piece to a whole new level. Bel&Bel had to clean it from the oxide that is ever-present in this type of materials, and made it smooth and perfect for its new purpose as a chair.

scooter chairs, vespa chair, scooter chair, offcyclers, bel&bel

Standarization of the Process, making more Scooter Chairs

Bel&Bel knew creating one is a difficult step that had been accomplished, but standardizing a process to make it replicable was going to be even harder.

They created the steps, one by one and decided to make the chair modular for easy transportation and even easier assembly.

Certain parts were more easily replicable, such as the plywood used for the inner section of the chair, but the rest had to be done depending on the condition that the original scooter came in.

Since then, more than 200 Vespa Chairs have been sold, and places like the Virgin hotels in Chicago or the Google headquarters in New York have their own.

scooter chairs, vespa chair, scooter chair, offcyclers, bel&bel

Making the scooter chairs the greatest they could be

So they had the structure, but what about the rest?

Obviously the back of the chair is not everything. It was the details that were going to make this an icon desired by many. Bel&Bel knew it so they decided to pinpoint one by one all those small things that make the Vespa Chair what it is today.

They created a mold to give shape to a plywood that would sit inside the rescued part of the scooter. The plywood gives it a sturdy feel and accommodates for the back and bottom inner parts of the chair.

For the upholstery, the best materials were chosen to ensure the maximum quality possible. A padded cushion and a resistant faux leather ( although now it can be chosen with real leather) finished the upper part of the Vespa Chair, and gave it the comfort and luxurious feel that it has today.

For the bottom part, Bel&Bel went for a chromed swivel foot with 5 legs and silent wheels. This final touch is what makes the Vespa Chair the perfect choice when you are looking for a comfortable and convenient chair for your office.

scooter chairs, vespa chair, scooter chair, offcyclers, bel&bel

Where to learn more?

If you’d like to learn more about the Vespa Chair, you can visit its dedicated page, here. If what you want is to learn more about Bel&Bel, just click here. and if what you want is to learn more about Sustainable Design and how amazing the world of design and art can be, just subscribe to this website on the right sidebar where it says “Get the latest trends on Sustainable Design & Art”. 

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