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Today is a day of mixed emotions. Yesterday the Brexit referendum seemed favorable for Britain to leave the EU. For some this is good news, for some it is bad. Despite politics, today is algo a good day for Britain and for all of us who love everything about Upcycling. Today is Britain’s National Upcycling Day! To commemorate this special occasion, we’ve brought you a list of the 5 biggest names of upcycling in Britain (at least in our opinion). You should definitely start following them right away!

Elvis & Kresse

reclaimed fire hose accessories
Elvis and Kresse at their workshop in London

Look at them, don’t you love them? We know we do. Elvis & Kresse are two upcyclers from England that are revolutionizing the accessory and fashion world. Their incredible creations, made with reclaimed fire hoses are just stunning. After living a life dedicated to the service of helping and saving people, fire hoses normally end up in landfills. This couple of young entrepreneurs have not only created inspiring products from them, but are even donating some of their income to fire-fighters in the UK. Talk about style with purpose? Here you go! Oh yeah, and they are one of our beloved Offcyclers too. Check out their profile and products!

Max McMurdo

Max McMurdo
Photo via

Probably the most famous face in the British Upcycling sphere. Max McMurdo took Upcycling to the next level after his appearance on BBC’s show Dragon’s Den. After establishing his company Reestore in 2003, Max has been doing everything from keynote speaking, to hosting live workshops, to becoming one of Gumtree‘s partners for their Upcycling section. We’re always amazed and expectant at what this young and creative entrepreneur comes up with, and you should too!

Antonia Edwards

upcyclist antonia edwards

Antonia Edwards is the person behind Upcyclist, one of the best upcycling blogs you can find out there. Not too long ago, Antonia released her first book, Upcyclist: Reclaimed and Remade Furniture, Lighting and Interiors, an elegant collection of some of the most elegant upcycled work in the world. Her website is an ode to premium upcycling that you should be already reading.

Chris Billinghurst

chris billinghurst #upcycledhour upcycledhomes

This charming lady is the person behind the most prolific upcycling hashtag on Twitter. Chris Billinghurst started #Upcycledhour in 2014. Since then, it has become an online network that unites professional and amateur upcyclers from around Britain (and the rest of the world) every Tuesday afternoon. After that huge success, Chris decided to start Upcycled Homes as a way of impulsing her upcycled interior design work (which you should check out). Apart from being a super mom and an incredibly welcoming chat host, Chris gives workshops on upcycling and is on of the cornerstones of upcycling in Britain.

Fallen Furniture

fallenfurniture cowling chair 737 chair

One of the biggest names of Upcycling in Britain and probably in the world nowadays. Their popularity skyrocketed after the viral success of the release of their Cowling Chair. But don’t be fooled, although they’ve grabbed the attention of worldwide media now, they have been in business for more than four years. The upcycling prowess of Fallen Furniture is second to none. Their products are an exquisite melange of modern design, clean aesthetics and aircraft madness.

Donna Fenn

Donna Fenn Remade in Britain

If you can’t find it, make it! Donna Fenn is the best example. Tired of not being able to easily find upcycled items in massive online stores like Etsy, in 2014 she decided to create a marketplace that featured exclusively upcycled products. Featuring retailers and designers in Britain, RemadeinBritain is a great example of how popular is Upcycling in Britain.

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